One thing Brussels knows how to do well is definitely Christmas. From markets and mulled wine🍷 to charming carousels 🎡 and pretty window displays 🛍, everything is gathered for some wintertime magic ! ✨

As the city guide that we are, we decided to share with you the list of the 5 must-do’s during this wonderful time of the year : 


1- Get your Christmas presents at the Winter Wonders 🎁

What about getting gifts for your amazing housemates ? Run to the ‘Winter Wonders Christmas festival ❄️ which is the place to go for your Christmas shopping spree ! 

We recommend you to walk around the Marché aux Poissons. The square is actually covered with more than 200 wooden huts decorated with twinkling lights and snow roofs. The chalets sell all kinds of (handmade) gifts, Christmas ornaments 🎄 and of course delicious and traditional Belgian food and beverages 🍻



Colive gift ideas : chocolate (obviously!), beer, (or even beer-flavoured chocolate), scented handmade candles or a comfy woolen hat.


2- Fall under the spell of hot glühwein (mulled wine) 🍷

Talking about traditional beverages, drinking mulled wine at Christmas has long been a European tradition, dating back as far as 1390 when the first recipe appeared in an English cookbook. It usually consists of red wine mixed with honey🍯, cinnamon, and orange🍊, Easy right? 

Check out different chalets, as some of them experiment with the brew, using white wine or different spices. The cup is around 2,50€.



If you’re not quite a fan of mulled wine, hot chocolate☕️ is a perfect alternative! As you already know, Belgium is the land of chocolate ! We particularly loved the Chocolat Chaud served at Frederic Blondeel, near the Marché aux Poissons.

Not only does it feel cosy to hold a hot cup to warm your hands, but it also gives you a reason to have a break and watch other people passing by ! 


3- See the Christmas Market from above, on the Ferris wheel 🎡

Located Place Sainte-Catherine, the Ferris Wheel is part of one of the several attractions of the “Winter Wonders” Christmas Market. Costing just €7 per adult, it is the best way to see the market (and city skyline) from above. 

So get your phone out ! It is the perfect moment to take pictures and catch this magical moment in the air. 🤳❄️



4- Perform your most beautiful figures on the ice 🧊

What could possibly be more festive than ice skating with Christmas lights all around you?! Place de Brouckère is where you’ll find the ice skating rink ! ⛸



This is definitely the perfect winter activity to do with your roomies. Plus, there are a few food stalls around the rink to keep your energy up for skating and shopping ! 

Entrance fee : 10€ (skates included)


5- Take a ride on a bark and get away from the Christmas crowd 🚣‍♀️

Head to Bois de la Cambre and go up on a tiny boat, which will take you to a little island in the middle of the lake. The Chalet Robinson is standing there ! 🛖


It is the cutest refuge to spend time with your better half, a hot cup of tea 🫖 in your hands in front of a cosy fireplace.  Enjoy their full menu while watching the charming snowy surroundings, peaceful ducks and enchanting white nature.🍃🌨



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