What is Coliving? The new way of living.

What is Coliving? The new way of living.

Have you ever heard about Coliving?

Probably yes. But if you don’t know much about it and are a bit curious, then this article is made for you!

Here’s how Wikipedia defines it: Coliving is a type of intentional community providing shared housing for people with shared intentions.

But why is this new way of living expanding so fast? Let’s go a little more further in that subject …


In this article, you will discover more interesting facts such as  :

  • Why is Coliving popularity exploding?
  • Are you made for Coliving?
  • What are its advantages? 
  • Coliving / Cohousing, what’s the difference?
  • Case study: the story of Colivers



Why is coliving popularity is exploding?

Coliving is far from being a new idea. However, its popularity knows a big boom since these last 5 years. One of the main reasons behind this is the evolution of societal norms. Finding a job, buying a house then founding a family… seems to become a bit “old school”. 

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for experiences instead of living “a normal life”.  

The Internet has changed the way we communicate and also the way we can earn revenues. We are more flexible than we have ever been to. Travelling is easy and keeping contact with our family and friends around the whole world is no more a problem.  

However, as housing rentals prices are still increasing, it can be difficult (especially for young people) to afford a great place of living. These new world travelers also face another problem. The loneliness. After all, It’s not always easy to make new friends in a totally new environment, most of the time way different from what we use to know.

All these problems have a solution, and this solution is: Coliving. 

  • In fact, Coliving-house offers your many advantages such as : 
  • living in a big and comfortable house that you couldn’t afford alone
  • having a flexible lease that doesn’t turn you into a prisoner.
  • joining people in the same situation as you and making forever friends easily. 

The enjoyment of living with others who share similar interests definitely plays a big role in this boom of popularity. Interacting normally with the world while choosing to live with like-minded or like-interested individuals is what many people are looking for nowadays. 

Coliving spaces are expanding very fast because they are solving many problems that digital nomads, young workers, and millennials face.


Are you made for Coliving?

Coliving houses are made for people who value a community alongside individuality.

Colivers unite around common interests. Learning and growing with like-minded people around them is what they are looking for.

  • Are you a young worker? An intern? A digital nomad?
  • Do you need a well located and comfortable furnished place of living?
  • Do you want to work without feeling too lonely for a flexible period of time?

If the answers are yes, then coliving is made for you!


What are the mains advantages of this new way of living? 

  • Flexible leases

Tenants are not tied to long leases. You are free to resign at any time. This continuous freedom rotation enriches coliving with new people and culture.

  • Save time, energy, and money

The expenses are included and paid for as a group. Many co-living spaces are already furnished, so you won’t have to hire movers or spend money on furniture. Moreover, most coliving houses are also full service included (insurance, charges, cleaning, …)

  • Best locations

Coliving houses are located in the most popular neighborhood, close to public transports

  • Learn from other culture

It’s common to find a mix of residents of different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures. You will definitely learn lots of things!

  • Amazing houses

Most shared-houses are big and trendy. As you are renting it with other people, you can afford a very comfortable house for such a low price.

  • Make forever friends

Living with someone is different from just spending time with someone. There’s no way that you can enter a house of 5 people or more without creating at least a special relationship.

  • Knowledge sharing

Get the opportunity to learn new languages, new domains, … improve your business projects with new ideas and complete your thesis with other interns. 

  • Networking and contacts

It’s easy to get to know people and work together. If you lack motivation, being two or more workers in the same room will boost your motivation.

  • Reduce the environmental impact

As the planet’s natural reserves are decreasing, you can help to reduce your environmental impact by moving into a coliving space.


Coliving / Cohousing, what’s the difference?

Coliving can be considered related to cohousing as the concepts have overlap. 

Cohousing’s distinguishing aspects are that it provides self-contained private units (most often houses), and ownership by the individual unit’s resident

On the other hand, Coliving is distinguished by having independent units within the same building, and by most often being rented. None of these are however exclusive thus potential overlaps.

Others major general differences are the following ones :

  • Space and design: coliving houses have more communal spaces
  • Length of stay: Colivers rarely stay for more than 2 years.
  • Location: most co-living houses are located in the city center or places with high renting demand.
  • Demographic: Colivers community is very diversified. People come from around the whole world.
  • Age: most Colivers are aged between 20 and 35 years old.

Nonetheless and in common with coliving, cohousing projects may have shared areas that benefit all such as to be for events or communal meals. 


Case study: the story of Colivers

Click here to discover our article “the story of Colivers”.


Testimonial :

Discover the testimonial from Martina, a Coliver who’s in Brussels for more than 1 year now :

-> discover the story of others Colivers, click here. (lien vers mon deuxième article)


Conclusion :

Overall, coliving offers the experience of living with like-minded people. It solves most of the living problems that young people face nowadays.

Loneliness, isolation, long term contracts, and high living costs are not problems anymore. You can now live a unique and unforgettable experience with new forever friends in an amazing place. So what are you waiting for?

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