Want to expat in belgium? 3 reasons why you better opt for coliving.

Want to expat in belgium? 3 reasons why you better opt for coliving.

Are you looking for some new experiences? 

Like a lot of millennials, you may think about the expat life in an amazing city like Brussels. 

Of course, when you are about to leave your student life or family nest, there are some things that might frighten you, which makes you feel it is impossible to jump into that new life.  

You can be scared of the language barrier because you don’t speak French, English, Dutch, etc. You can be afraid to feel lonely and to meet nobody. You might be afraid to feel lost in a big city like Brussels.

But there is some way to put all the chances on your side to live the best experience in your life. And I have a solution to reassure you: the Co-living. 

Co-living is an easy way to move into a new environment and be sure to live with like-minded people (young workers, expats, millennials, interns, …).

Here are 3 reasons why you should opt for coliving if you want to expat in Belgium :


   1. The language

Living in a Co-living space and being part of its community will help you to learn faster and better this new exciting skill which is an opening to the world and give you more self-confidence for your next big life steps! 

People sharing a Colive house come from all around the world. The community goes from Brazilian for Portuguese, to British and American to improve your English, and French to learn to speak “baguette” perfectly! But also, locals can learn you either Dutch or French. Yes, Belgian people speak both! 

Picture it: 

You come back from a good day at work where you spoke mainly English, and you want to learn French to be able to order your tea the day after, yes you can! 

Brussels is your first stop and for your next job you get the opportunity to work in South America, but you do not speak Spanish or Portuguese. Well, I have good news for you, your new housemate speaks both and is motivated to learn you the most important things!

You need to write an email in Dutch, and you told your boss you perfectly speak it. Lucky you, your housemate is going to help you! 

Finally, you will improve that much your language skills thanks to your coliving experience in Brussels that you will earn the freedom of going anywhere for you next expatriation. 


   2. Meet new friends

Here you are, in a new environment, far from all your loved ones and your habits. You feel excited but a bit lost. But thankfully this feeling is going to disappear very quickly because you choose not to live by yourself but in a new community. 

You will cross the entrance door, open your suitcase, and put your clothes in your brand-new room. Then it is already time to make new friends and go for a nice introduction to your new life with a talk with your housemates. Indeed, you have nothing to worry but to build some new relationships and learn about their experience in Brussels or somewhere else. Discover about their culture, because of course, your housemates are coming from all around the world!  It will give you some new lines to write in your “places to go” book. 


   3. Discover Brussels

More than learning from your new international friends, you’ll have to discover Brussels and Colive is offering you everything needed to discover the city in the best way! 

First, how to travel through Brussels? You can enjoy the bikes “Billy” thanks to a partnership between the two start-ups. You don’t like to ride a bike? The streets in Brussels are as pretty that you can really hike and fall in love with the architecture and the typical buildings. 

Then, a guide regrouping a selection of bests restaurants, brunch places, cafés, clubs, etc. will help you to pick where you will bring your friends for some fun time! Colive also invites you every month at an event in for example their favorite trendy bars, or in the best parks of Brussels. 



Sharing a Co-living space will certainly help you to start your expat life with no fears, it will make it easier, and it is a way to live more and more chosen by the digital nomads and young workers! 

It also is a springboard for new adventures, it helps you to eliminate your uncertainties and have more self-confidence. Not to mention all those unforgettable encounters with your new friends from all over the world…

If you are thinking to move to Brussels but have some scariness, delete them by living in a Colive house! 

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