Why staying at home should rhyme with boredom? More like freedom!

Why staying at home should rhyme with boredom? More like freedom!

At Colive, we stay motivated. In lockdown with your housemates ? It’s an opportunity to share moments together and help each other through these difficult times. And above all… not to get bored ! So, what to do at home, here are our 10 ideas :


1. Experiment in the kitchen and create new fusions !
Poutine à la bière or fondant au chocolat belge, embrace your cultural diversity to travel around the world at home: one day, one dish, one country !

2. Small weekly sports session.
Is there a sports coach hiding among our Colivers ? Up for a group session ! You can stay fit in Colive without or with gym !

3. Learn a new language.
Show off and become a multi-lingual boss ! Let’s take advantage of having access to a cosmopolitan community to improve (or simply learn) Italian, Mandarin, Russian,…Why not organizing online courses on our group #WeAreColivers ? 😉

4. Create !
Paint, sew, make macramé (with Janina from Colive Stephanie @_knotting.elles)… the possibilities are infinite.

5. A good spring cleaning
Okay, it might feels more like winter cleaning but come on, put on some music and ta-da !

6. A board game tournament.
They are often neglected (and wrongly so!) let’s bring out the Time’s Up, Pays-villes, Président and many others ! Even better, learn new games from around the world with your fellow Colivers.

7. A musical blind test.
And -of course- it ends in a karaoke !

8. A movie night
For a change, we’d advise you to watch The Queen’s Gambit, and to awaken the entrepreneur that’s inside you, try the serie Other people’s business. Everyone’s got Netflix and the luckiest even have a cinema room, so take advantage of it !

9. A spa day… at home !
We slice cucumbers, we watch some Youtube DIY tutos and we embalm the bathroom !

10. And finally, have a good rest ! 
Seize the opportunity to catch up all the lost hours of sleep.

And, what do you do to fight boredom ? Tell us about your ideas and your best achievements with your housemates.

Good lockdown to all !

The Colive Team

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