3 exceptional restaurants in Brussels that deliver to your door

3 exceptional restaurants in Brussels that deliver to your door

It is no news to anyone, in Brussels as elsewhere, going to eat a good meal in a nice restaurant (was) is nothing more than a fantasy. Of course, you will tell us that we still have Uber Eats. That via Deliveroo you were able to order a Beef-Chicken XL Tacos with Algerian sauce. 

We’ re far from the idea of shooting at the ambulance, nor do we deny those platforms that have so often saved us when our fridges were empty (or the laziness was simply too great). But today we are going to offer you something else…

This list is for those who have browsed through all the delivery platforms, for those who want to taste new flavors, … In short, for all those who want to take advantage of the savings made over the last few months to treat themselves with exceptional products! 


   1. Barge

Barge’s bosses, Barbara and Grégoire, have made a name for themselves in Belgium’s top restaurants: she as a sommelier, he as a chef. Last August, they launched and opened their restaurant. And since then, their association has been working wonders! More than just a good meal, they offer you a real experience. The food is fresh and local, the wines are organic or natural, the whole is a real story, which is written in textures and tastes on your plate. Being very involved in the short circuit and the promotion of local crafts, Barge decided, to continue to support the small producers they work with, to launch a temporary home delivery service. And, good news, they also have a large choice of wine to deliver to you: with the compliments of the house! 



   2. Bruneau 

If you do not know the name Maxime Maziers, the gastronomes of our country couldn’t pass him by. Elected young chef of the year 2019 by the Gault & Millau, he has been the chef of the gastronomic restaurant “Bruneau” since 2018. There he promotes a modern and uncluttered cuisine, which you can now have delivered to your home. And this at a reasonable price: there is already a 3-course menu starting at 29€! The products are fresh, high quality, … and the little extra that they don’t spoil anything: the dishes are delivered with instructions on how to reheat them optimally, in the oven or microwave. A must for anyone who wants to preserve the quality of these top-quality dishes! 



   3. Osteria Romana

This restaurant is essential in Brussels. Normally you can enjoy delicious Italian dishes, revisited by the master of the place, Filippo La Vecchia. His carbonaras are among the best (if not the best) in the capital. The menu also includes some of the greatest Roman culinary classics, such as Cacio e pepe and Amatriciana. This last one is moreover part of the selection of dishes available for delivery since the beginning of the lockdown. It is recommended to all those who put cream in their carbos or who think that Bolognese is prepared by emptying the jar into the pan.  



   Bonus: Cocktail at home

To accompany the meal you’ve chosen, think of cocktailmaison.be! This site offers recipes for low or non-alcoholic cocktails, prepared by renowned bartenders. Are you fed up with your roommate Stéphane’s aperitifs, who doesn’t think it’s necessary to add ingredients other than rum to his “mojito”?  Do you want to discover new cocktails, with fresh and tasty ingredients and original and surprising combinations? Say no more, this site is made for you: go ahead, make your choice, and wait for your cocktail to be delivered to you vacuum-packed by mail. 



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