4 things to do in Brussels when it rains ☔️

4 things to do in Brussels when it rains

It is well known that days are a normal thing in Brussels. On average, we have about 200 rainy days per year… 🌨 
But luckily, as the truly cosmopolitan city that it is, Brussels offer an immensity of indoor activities  you can take part in when visiting under the rain.

1- Take shelter under the Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert

Perfect to wander down during a rainy day, the gallery offers a number of delectable chocolate 🍫 and waffle shops 🧇 where you can purchase souvenirs or a tasty treat for yourself.

Colive’s favorite : Maison Dandoy

Founded in 1829, the oldest Brussels biscuit factory 🍪 is an institution here for its speculoos. Coloured tapestries, gilding on the shop front, warm lighting… Dandoy biscuits will make you forget the fickle weather ✨

2- Warm up with a generous belgian hot chocolate

Lucky you, the best hot chocolate spot ☕️ of the city is two shops further down the Gallery. The Marcolini’s boutique offers freshly made hot chocolate ; A thick, comforting and creamy drink for only 4,90€ with a sample of their chocolate/biscuit on the side. Trust us, you will never look at a hot chocolate in the same light ! 🤩

📍 Galerie de la Reine, 1000 Brussels

3- Release tension in a floating bubble

The rainy season is a good time for reflection and meditation, and having a day at the spa is the perfect environment for this kind of activity. We’ve selected for you the Sea of Clouds Spa, an atypical place in the heart of Brussels where you’ll get this extraordinary experience of floating💧

Floating is indeed a simple way of achieving a state of relaxation, meditation and intense well-being. By immersing yourself in our saltwater tanks🧂, completely isolated from the outside world, your body and mind will be freed from the hindrances of daily life 🧖

A spa day can either be a time to spend with your friends or a romantic getaway with your partner, especially on a rainy day 👩‍❤️‍👨

📍 Rue Haute 180, Brussels 1000

4- Escape the city for a day

Thanks to Belgium’s close position to the sea, the weather can change rapidly and dramatically over the course of a short few hours. In this sense, the weather could be sunny 🌞 in another part of the country, and one within the other, it is a great way to travel around with your roommates 👯‍♀️ and build up some memorable moments !

📍 Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges are a few cities around Brussels that all well worth visiting and just a short train ride away 🚂