Frequently asked questions

The concept

Colive offers rooms for rent in high-end and well-located shared homes. Beyond the simple lease, Colive provides an “all-in” solution including the layout of the house, the cleaning, internet & TV, Netflix, insurance, water, gas and electricity. Colive takes care of everything, allowing Colivers to focus on activities that make them feel good! Colive is also a way to promote sharing and community life while keeping its private space and privacy.


Most of our tenants are young workers between 23 and 35 from all around the world. Obviously, we do not exclude anyone as long as the spirit of sharing and conviviality is preserved.

Beyond your roommates which you will get to know every day, you will also integrate the Colive community in every sense. Indeed, we regularly organize outings and events of all kinds open to all Colivers.

Colive wants to facilitate the life of the Colivers. This is why we built some very nice partnerships all Colivers will be able to enjoy on a daily basis (shared bikes, coworking spaces, food deliveries, …).

Our Colives

The common areas include a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a laundry room. Most Colives also have a terrace, a garden and a cellar. These areas are fully equipped (TV, oven, microwave, fridge, Nespresso machine, toaster, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, crockery, pots, etc.).

The rooms are equipped with a bed, a mattress, a bedside table, a desk, a desk chair, a wardrobe/closet, blinds/curtains and lamp. Some rooms also have a small armchair, a chest of drawers and a small table.

Some Colives have private parking spots that can also be rented.

Most Colives have a cellar where you can park your bike safely. To avoid any surprises, check this element when visiting the Colive of your choice.

Your room is your private and intimate space. It is important that you feel at ease there. Therefore, you are allowed to adapt the decoration as you want. Just keep in mind that you will have to restore the room in its original state before your departure.

Your reservation

Please click here to fill in a request form and let us know what would be your ideal coliving space. Our team will contact you back quickly with some nice opportunities.

No worries, we regularly organize virtual tours.

The minimum rental period is 3 months.

The standard lease that we propose has a duration of 3 years. However, it is mentioned in the contract that you can terminate at any time, with a simple 3-month notice period.

Most of our spacces are for single persons only. However, we have some availabilities for couples (to check on demand).

Unfortunately, out of respect for other Colivers who might be allergic, we do not accept animals.

Flat-rate charges include water, gas/electricity, insurance, internet/TV and household cleaning.

The deposit is equivalent to 1400€.

Your stay

Upon your arrival, you will receive a form “inventory of fixtures” to complete and send back to us within 24 hours. This document containing your comments and photos will be used as a reference at the time of your departure.

Sure, you are totally allowed to register your Colive address as your domicile.

Out of respect for other tenants, it is completely forbidden to sublease your place.

Your friends are welcome in your Colive! However, you are required to notify other colivers in advance. Of course, the presence of your friends must not disrupt community life in the home. It goes without saying that your friends can not take up residence in your Colive.


Our Colives are non-smoking areas. However, you are allowed to smoke in the garden or on the terrace.

Do you have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.