Inventory of fixtures

To be completed within 7 days after your move-in!

Dear Coliver,

It is a pleasure to welcome you in our amazing family! As you will see during your stay, we do our most to keep the house in perfect condition so that everyone can feel good and find a pleasant and friendly space to live.

To enjoy the place, you have blocked a rental deposit equivalent to a 2-monts rent. We do not doubt that your passage here will run smoothly and that we will have the pleasure to return you this complete sum when you leave.

In order to help this process, we have prepared this small form, which will allow you to communicate us all the imperfections/possible damages that you would have noticed when taking disposition of your room and of the common parts of the house.

We invite you to fill it out carefully, within 7 days from the beginning of your lease. To avoid any problems or discussions at the end of your stay, we also encourage you to illustrate your main points with good quality pictures. We can of course send you a PDF- copy of the document as soon as we receive it.

Please send us an email to [email protected] in case of problem.

Have a great setting in!
The Colive Team