Why staying at home should rhyme with boredom? More like freedom!

At Colive, we stay motivated. In lockdown with your housemates ? It’s an opportunity to share moments together and help each other through these difficult times. And above all… not to get bored ! So, what to do at home, here are our 10 ideas :


1. Experiment in the kitchen and create new fusions !
Poutine à la bière or fondant au chocolat belge, embrace your cultural diversity to travel around the world at home: one day, one dish, one country !

2. Small weekly sports session.
Is there a sports coach hiding among our Colivers ? Up for a group session ! You can stay fit in Colive without or with gym !

3. Learn a new language.
Show off and become a multi-lingual boss ! Let’s take advantage of having access to a cosmopolitan community to improve (or simply learn) Italian, Mandarin, Russian,…Why not organizing online courses on our group #WeAreColivers ? 😉

4. Create !
Paint, sew, make macramé (with Janina from Colive Stephanie @_knotting.elles)… the possibilities are infinite.

5. A good spring cleaning
Okay, it might feels more like winter cleaning but come on, put on some music and ta-da !

6. A board game tournament.
They are often neglected (and wrongly so!) let’s bring out the Time’s Up, Pays-villes, Président and many others ! Even better, learn new games from around the world with your fellow Colivers.

7. A musical blind test.
And -of course- it ends in a karaoke !

8. A movie night
For a change, we’d advise you to watch The Queen’s Gambit, and to awaken the entrepreneur that’s inside you, try the serie Other people’s business. Everyone’s got Netflix and the luckiest even have a cinema room, so take advantage of it !

9. A spa day… at home !
We slice cucumbers, we watch some Youtube DIY tutos and we embalm the bathroom !

10. And finally, have a good rest ! 
Seize the opportunity to catch up all the lost hours of sleep.

And, what do you do to fight boredom ? Tell us about your ideas and your best achievements with your housemates.

Good lockdown to all !

The Colive Team


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