Welcome to our maintenance FAQ.

Each room in the house has a QR code that takes you to the maintenance FAQ for that room.

As you know, keeping a house in good condition requires regular maintenance. This page is intended to answer any questions you may have on a daily basis.

How do I maintain my tumble dryer? My sink is blocked? What should I do?

When you arrive, it is very important that you check in to your room. Indeed, thanks to the check-in, you can inform us of any problems in your room or bathroom. If a problem is found, the house managers will contact you to plan an intervention.

How do I check in?

  • Use the link you receive in your arrival email
  • Be very specific about the problem
  • Send us photos/vidéos

As a reminder, light bulbs are consumable products, just like cleaning products for example. It is therefore your responsibility to change them when they no longer work.

How do I replace it?

  • Make sure the switch is off
  • Unscrew the bulb with a dry cloth, holding it by the base (the part just below the bulb)
  • Screw in the new bulb with the same reference, still using a dry cloth (depending on the base, size and diameter)
  • Try to light
  • It the lamp still does not work after changing the bulb, please report it to us through maintenance.

First of all, make sure that the valves on your radiators are open.

If the radiator is on but not heating, it certainly needs to be bled which will release the air trapped in the various pipes of your heating system. You should be aware that air, when it takes the place of water, makes your radiator heat less efficiently.

Matérials required :

  • A bleed spanner or screwdriver
  • A container (to collect small amount of liquid)
  • A large hand towe

How do I do it?

Simply place a container under the pipette and turn the key to let the air out. Once the air is out, the water will flow out, which means that the radiator is drained.

It is sometimes necessary to check the water pressure in the boiler, which should be between 1.5 and 2 bar. Is this not the case? Increase the pressure until the correct pressure is reached.

When you leave, we need to make sure the room is ready for the next Coliver. To do this, you need to send us a video via the Colive WhatsApp and we will validate it. We will then refund your rental deposit.

How do I check out?

First of all, you have to :

– Vacuum and wash the floor of your room.

– Wash the bathroom (if private).

– Dust the room.

– Wash your bed sheets and leave them folded on the bed (see attached photo)

– Air the room.

– Remove all your belongings from the kitchen, especially the fridge (unless you have made prior arrangements with the other guests).

If something is broken/doesn’t work properly in your room, let us know as soon as possible so that we can fix it before the next person moves in.

One last important point. We ask you to send us a short video of your cleaned room on WhatsApp (+32 471 82 05 00).

You can find instructions on how to make this video on the following link:

If you break something in the room, don’t hesitate to send us a ticket via the maintenance bot. That way, we’ll know about it and we can fix it.