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Welcome to our maintenance FAQ.

Each room in the house has a QR code that takes you to the maintenance FAQ for that room.

As you know, keeping a house in good condition requires regular maintenance. This page is intended to answer any questions you may have on a daily basis.

How do I maintain my tumble dryer? My sink is blocked? What should I do?

If the water in your sink is having trouble draining, the drain is probably blocked. This is probably due to hair, solid soap, etc. getting stuck in the drain.

How can you proceed?

  • Clean the trap: you must place a container under the pipes, then unscrew the trap and clean it. Screw the trap back on, making sure that the seals are correctly fitted to avoid possible leak.
  • If the problem persists, add bicarbonate and withe vinegar, wait 30 minutes and pour in hot water
  • If you have already used the 2 previous steps and the problem is not solved, please make a ticket

How to avoid this problem?

  • Avoid putting hair and beard hair in the sink and keep it clean

It is important to keep your shower well maintained to avoid clogged pipes and limescale deposits on the walls.  

Regularly remove hair and soap scum from the water outlet.

What to do if the water stagnates ?

  • Take out the trap and clean out anything that can from a blockage
  • Pour boiling water down the drain
  • If the problem persists, put some bicarbonate and white vinegar, wait 30 minutes and pour boiling water

The toilet should be maintained. Clean after each use. Do not throw anything into the toilet except toilet paper. The cause of a blocked toilet is often excessive use of toilet paper, tampons, etc.

  • What to do if the toilet is blocked

Put bicarbonate and white vinegar, wait 30 minutes, and pour boiling water

Water from taps can be chalked up which can damage sinks, windows and the like.

How can you avoid this problem?

  • Use special anti-limescale household products. Ex: Antikal
  • Avoid storing water if it is not needed
  • Clean sinks and showers regularly to avoid limescale build-up.