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Welcome to our maintenance FAQ.

Each room in the house has a QR code that takes you to the maintenance FAQ for that room. 

As you know, keeping a house in good condition requires regular maintenance. This page is intended to answer any questions you may have on a daily basis.

How do I maintain my tumble dryer? My sink is blocked? What should I do? 

The cleaning lady will perform her services once a week according to the schedule communicated. Housemates will not be allowed to use this equipment for personal use and will ensure that the necessary equipment and cleaning products are available so that the cleaning can be done properly. Colivers who have hired the cleaning service for their private space must ensure that their room is accessible on the day the cleaning lady comes, otherwise they will not be able to do the cleaning. In this case, the lesser will have no recourse.

As a reminder, consumables are the responsibility of the tenants of the house, including cleaning products for the house.

Maintenance of the vacuum cleaner

The hoover has a filter to store the stucked dust. To ensure that the hoover works properly, the filter must be emptied frequently

  • Clean the filter : unscrew the filter, empty the container, make sure you replace the filter and put the container back.
  • Make sure that the hoover hose is clean and that nothing is stuck in it.

Does my hoover suck less well?

Check the hose and brush for blockages. Remove the tubes and vacuum without them. If the problem is solved, it means that the tubes are clogged (empty the hose and brush if this is the case).

Hoower with a bag

Check if the inside of the bag is full. If it is, it must be replaced (pay attention to its reference)

Hoover without a bag

Check if the dust container is not full. If it is, empty it over the dustbin.

If there is a power cut, you will need to determine the extent of the cut.

If it is a general power cut, try to contact your neighbours to find out if they are also affected by a power cut and check if there is any work going on in the street which could be the cause.

If only the house is affected, you need to check the electrical panels, a photo of which is shown below as an example. All of them should be raised. If any are down, they should be put back up.

The electrical panels are usually located in the cellar or on the stairwells.

  1. Electricity cut off in a room/part of the house

In this case, you will need to test all the appliances that were connected in the room when the power went out. Here are the steps to follow:

1 – Switch off/unplug all appliances in the room/area affected by the power cut

2 – Once this step has been completed, reactivate the contactor of the electrical panel that has been blown out 

3 – Turn on/reconnect the appliances one by one until the power comes back on

4 – The device causing the power surge is now identified, do not use it for the moment and report it to maintenance.

  1. Electricity cut off in the entire house

In this case, you must first know the room or part of the house in which the problematic appliance is located so that you can identify it. Here are the steps to follow:

1 – Turn down all contactors and leave the circuit breaker(s) in the up position

2 – To find out which room/part of the house is causing the problem, turn the contactors back on one by one until the power comes back on. Now you know which room is the problem

3 – Switch off/unplug all appliances in the room/area affected by the power failure

4 – Reactivate all the contactors and the circuit breaker(s)

              – if nothing happens, it is a global overvoltage: your room cannot support so many appliances connected at the same time

              – If the power goes out again, the problem is with a faulty appliance; to find out which one, please follow the steps in 2.

Poor wifi connections

Make sure the modem is working properly.

The Speedtest measures the speed of the internet connection on your device. The data that comes out can tell us more about the internet problem.

Two tests should be carried out via https://www.speedtest.net/fr.

  • – A first one in the room or place where the problem is
  • – A second one next to the modem

Send us the results of the 2 tests afterwards

No wifi at all

Check that the modem is correctly connected and that all circuit breakers in the electrical panel are turned up.

If this is the case, follow and check the instructions below:

  • – Unplug and replug the modem
  • – How often do these connection problems occur?
  • – Is it the main modem or a cpl?

Please send us these details afterwards via the maintenance bot.

A water softener is a device that removes limescale and other minerals from tap water. This makes the water healthier.

How to maintain it?

  1. Make sure the softener is working and that there is always salt in it.
  2. Send us a message if you run out of salt.

If you break something in the room, don’t hesitate to send us a ticket via the maintenance bot https://colive.eu/en/maintenance.
That way, we’ll know about it and we can fix it.